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Esther “Little Dove” John: Faithless Elector or Trump Resistor?

by Chetanya Robinson

Four years ago Esther “Little Dove” John, then 64, accomplished something she had wanted to do since junior high. She became a member of the electoral college, and in December 2016, joined 538 others across the country to choose the next president of the United States.

John, a longtime Beacon Hill community member, artist and activist whose friends call her Dove, never imagined her choice would cause a ripple that would reach the U.S. Supreme Court.

Members of the electoral college are expected to vote for whoever wins the popular vote in their states. But in 2016, ten electors across the country tried, and seven succeeded, in casting a vote for someone else. It was the largest such revolt since 1808.

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The Biden Double Bind: Can We Make a ‘Lesser Evil’ Less … Evil?

by Sarah Stuteville 

I do not want to write about Joe Biden and the sexual assault charge against him. This will not feel good, and I know many of you will resent my forging ahead anyway. There is no sleight of hand that will change our small range of bad choices in November. So why throw a floodlight on them?  

But as someone who wrote passionately about the Kavanaugh hearings last year (and who, by unfortunate nature, leans into uncomfortable spaces) I cannot look away and I argue, neither should you. Because while political perfection cannot save us here, an ability to hold complex tension might. There are no shortcuts and the road we have to walk is long and dangerous. As a counselor in training, my courses often refer to a moment like this as a “growth edge,” a place of deep discomfort and vibrating possibility. A place where profound discoveries are possible, but the urge to retreat, or react in fear, can be overwhelming. 

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