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Public Health Alert: ‘Massive Cloud of Smoke’ on Its Way

by Emerald Staff

The Public Information Officer for Washington Emergency Management Division (WEMD) has issued the following Emergency Alert:

“There is [a] super massive cloud of smoke outside of California and Oregon. The wind is changing direction and it’s coming your way tomorrow. You have today to prepare. Let your family and friends know.”

WEMD recommends taking steps to ensure your safety:

Filter your air: Create a box fan filter to keep the air around you as unpolluted as possible. This video will walk you through it (a Spanish version follows the English version). Alternatively, invest in a professional filtering device if possible.

Shop now: Don’t wait to grab essential items.

Stay home: If you don’t have to go out tomorrow, don’t.

Stay updated: Find air quality forecasts here.

Visit the Department of Health website for more information on how to protect yourself from smoke.

Featured image via Washington State Dept. of Ecology.

Air Quality Is Better Everywhere But The West. Blame Wildfires

by Katherine Long

(This story originally appeared in Bitterroot, an online magazine about the politics, economy, culture, and environment of the West.)

After wildfires ripped through California this fall, the plumes of smoke that enveloped the state underscored how millions of people living in the West are being exposed to air pollution. Climate change is likely to make fire and smoke problems worse. What that means for our health, though, is just starting to be understood by researchers. Continue reading Air Quality Is Better Everywhere But The West. Blame Wildfires