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Beware the ‘Airhorn of Truth’

Emerald political cartoonist Brett Hamil’s new collection of all 152 “Sunday Comix” strips reflects Seattle’s frustrating political climate.

by Jas Keimig

Since 2020, comedian and political cartoonist Brett Hamil has been faithfully skewering Seattle politicians and cranks every week for the South Seattle Emerald in his “Sunday Comix” column. From City Hall gadflies who are obsessed with abiding by the infuriatingly slow Seattle process to Seattle police officers who want no consequences and all the funding, Hamil’s work has documented a turbulent and weird past couple of years for our so-called progressive city. Now, he’s compiled all 152 comic strips into a new book Airhorn of Truth: The COMPLETE Sunday Comix which serves as a hilarious and potent reminder of how far Seattle has to go. I called up Hamil this week to chat about the recent City Council election results, his cartooning process, and what hope he has for our mossy city.

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