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Seattle’s Gilded Age: Housing for Trees, but not for People

by Jonathan Rosenblum

Rubi moved to Seattle last year, arriving after a long road journey from southern California. She immediately found secure housing that met all of her needs.

Rubi had it easier than the 1,000 people who move to our city every week and are blown away by skyrocketing rents. She didn’t have to worry about finding a safe place nightly, like the 8,500 people who are living on the streets, under bridges, in abandoned buildings, in RVs, and in shelters. And she didn’t share the anxiety of the 100,000 Seattleites whose crushing rents are forcing them to forgo basic necessities of life. Continue reading Seattle’s Gilded Age: Housing for Trees, but not for People

Opinion: Let Them Eat Gravlax

by Lola E Peters

The most difficult part of writing this OpEd is deciding where to focus my anger: the tone-deaf billionaires, and their minions, who are thoughtlessly tearing the fabric of our community, the “news” media that pass off press releases as reporting, or our public officials, who say the right things and then do the exact opposite. Together they create a false narrative that is eroding much of the beauty of our region. Continue reading Opinion: Let Them Eat Gravlax