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Big Chickie Bids Farewell to Its Hillman City Home of Five Years

by Jessie McKenna

With nearly 2,000 followers, 146 recommendations, and 4.8 out of five stars on Facebook, Big Chickie has made quite an impression in its five years serving Southeast Seattle, with comments from fans like “We love big chickie! Yummy food and fun atmosphere” and “Mashed potatoes and gravy. The best ever.” Unfortunately for fans, restaurant owners announced on Friday, December 6 that they would close permanently in just one week, hosting their last dinner service on Friday, December 13. However, owner Matthew Stubbs says there’s been such a frenzy of patronage over the last few days that they will likely run out of food before then. He says customers should call ahead if they want to know what’s available to save themselves the trip if their favorite dishes are no more. Continue reading Big Chickie Bids Farewell to Its Hillman City Home of Five Years

Hillman City Residents Organize Womxn’s March Tributary

by  Lisa Hagen Glynn

“This cloud that was hanging over my head [since the November elections] parted when I saw that crowd. And then the sun literally came out, and the eagles were flying all over the sky. Wow,” said Tamiko Nietering, organizer of the Womxn’s March on Hillman City. Continue reading Hillman City Residents Organize Womxn’s March Tributary

“Big Chickie” Hatches in Hillman City

by Robin Boland

Big Chickie (http://www.bigchickie.com/) , located on Rainier & Findlay, is the newest addition to Hillman City. Occupying an area that previously housed a gas station the owners have gotten creative with the space. All seating is set up outside under a covered area & they’ve added waterproof ‘drapes’ to protect customers from the inevitable wet weather ahead. There is some on-site parking and one imagines there will also be quite a bit of take-out business.

The "before" photo.
The “before” photo.

The restaurant specializes in charcoal roasted rotisserie chicken (also known as pollo a la brasa), marinated overnight, roasted and then carved to meet your needs (half, quarter, large chicken, small chicken, dark or light meat).  Beer, wine and soft drinks as well as an amazing array of sides and homemade sauces complete the menu. Note that vegetarians could easily be sated with the salads, rice & other side dishes.

After a number of little known ‘soft openings’ were successful Big Chickie took down the construction fence and officially opened its doors to Hillman City September 9th, selling out long before the hungry masses were ready. Day two was more of the same with those who missed out on the previous day showing up early to get in line. With only a few kinks to be worked out (when to start the chicken & how much to make) it seems unavoidable that Big Chickie will be a success.

My resident chicken expert (aka my 11 year old boy) provided the following feedback: “We’re going to need more chicken”.

Photos Courtesy Robin Boland

Robin Boland is a contributing columnist, South Seattle Enthusiast, and often is referred to as “little bird” by her friends with heights over 5 ft 7