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OPINION: Let’s Go Vote

by Pari McDonald, Ana McDonald, Marina Rojas, and Chiara Zanatta-Kline

(This article originally appeared on the South End Stories Youth Blog.)

The voices of those who are furthest from opportunity, who are actively being suppressed and kept from voting, must be heard, especially during this election. Ana (18), Pari (15), and Cymran (13) McDonald decided they wanted to do something about creating easy, accessible ways for the communities that they love and who have lifted them up in life, to register to vote. The sisters worked with young adults Chiara and Marina to build Mini Voter Registration Boxes for areas where QT/BIPOC voters may have difficulty printing voter registration forms or may not be able to easily get stamps or envelopes, especially during COVID. The girls also wanted to ensure that young voters were easily able to access voter registration by providing texting and QR codes to register online. Boxes were placed in the Central District, New Holly, White Center, High Point, Renton, Federal Way, and Tacoma.

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Kent Youth Organization and Community Members to Rally at Kent Police Department

by Jack Russillo

Youth speakers will rally in front of the Kent Police Department Monday, August 17 to demand that the City of Kent and the Kent School District address issues of systemic racism.

The rally is organized by ForFortyTwo, an organization of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) youth who are combating systemic racism in Kent. The rally will bring together Kent community members to list demands that involve defunding the police, invite local youth to tell stories of their experiences with police brutality, and offer tables where attendees can contribute ideas for community and school programs that uplift and support BIPOC groups instead of funneling them into systems of punishment and oppression. Community-funded food and water will also be provided for attendees, as well as a full medical team. The rally will begin at 5:30 p.m.

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