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Exhaling …

by Sharon Maeda

Exhaling … from the emotional exhaustion of the past four years. Saturday evening, after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris spoke as president and vice president elect, I joined the thousands, if not millions of Americans who finally slept through the night and woke up refreshed. 

I had written commentary before the election, waiting only to insert a paragraph with the exact results. It was a get-this-out-of-my-system litany of the dishonest, disgusting, and death-causing policies of the current president. Writing was a good release as my fingers flew over the keyboard. But I realized Emerald readers have already lived through enough political trauma. 

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OPINION: Black Lives Matter More Than White Feelings

by Jasmine M. Pulido

Catering to whiteness has been a survival mechanism that’s difficult to put down.

It was why I hesitated in anxiety before I sent that email to the white woman coach who was using my stories as a Person of Color to profit, thereby showcasing herself as the white ally doing good. I told her she no longer had permission to use my testimonial and to stop using POC stories like mine for her white benefit. I feared what she might think of me or how she might respond, the way I always did when I considered confronting whiteness. 

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New Pandemic Vaccine Could Emerge From Seattle, Here’s How You Can Help

by Sally James

South Seattle is among places in the United States where researchers are hoping to recruit volunteers for one study of a potential vaccine against COVID-19.

South Seattle zip codes include a more diverse population than in some other sectors of the greater-Seattle area. The pandemic has hit Black and Latinx populations harder than white populations across the country. According to figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Black population is about 13% of the United States, but Black people make up 25% of deaths from COVID-19.   

Lead researcher Lisa Jackson, MD, MPH talked to the Emerald about outreach efforts in an interview about the vaccine she is studying, sometimes called the Moderna vaccine (named for the company that co-developed it with the National Institutes of Health). She works for the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute (KPWHRI).

The researchers hope to recruit people from African American, Latinx, and Indigenous populations, as well as other ethnicities. Historically, medical research studies have often been overwhelmingly white.

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