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Local Performance Artist Sadiqua Iman Finds Healing Through Art

by Chamidae Ford

Art is often thought of as the expression of oneself. A place where you transfer your emotions into music, paintings, or written words. But for Sadiqua Iman, an artist of many outlets, art represents a place for healing. 

Native to Chattanooga, Tennessee, Iman says Seattle offered opportunities for artistic expression that she couldn’t find elsewhere. 

“When I got here, I fell in love with the opportunities,” Iman said. “I’ve traveled around a lot just for my career and for life and have found — to be able to penetrate and get grants and do original work which is one of the things that I love doing, more original work in devised pieces, you pretty much had to either sleep with everybody, be related to everybody, or pay everybody in order to even get your foot in the door. When I came to Seattle, I had tons of ideas and when I put them out there, they were accepted, they were funded, they were supported, and it was like, ‘Oh shoot! So this is what it’s like to actually be able to work as an artist and not feel like you are just kind of throwing your soul out there for free?’ which I have definitely felt in many of the places that I lived.”

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