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Washington Can’t Afford Austerity

by Marilyn Watkins 

As tax revenues fall with people out of work and whole industries shuttered, Washington’s state and local governments are laying off staff, reducing pay, and slashing services that are helping people weather the COVID storm. Cutting important services now will cause immediate suffering, prolong the recession, and deepen racial and economic inequity. 

We need our state legislators and other elected officials to have the courage to raise new taxes on wealthy individuals and corporations, then reinvest that money in health care, secure housing, child care, educational opportunity, and income support for people and small businesses who are struggling for survival.

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Seattle Public Schools Should Shelter High Poverty Schools from Budget Cuts

by Rebecca Chase-Chen

One afternoon in late November, as I was cleaning my classroom and preparing materials for the next day’s lessons, an email arrived. Unlike the colorful advertisements for classroom products and brief reminders about upcoming meetings, I immediately saw this email was different.  There was no colorful title, no graphics, just the subject line, in all caps: SEATTLE PUBLIC SCHOOLS BUDGET UPDATE. As I started to read, my head, heart and stomach felt sick as I read the words. 74 million dollar shortfall. Crisis. Significant cuts.          Continue reading Seattle Public Schools Should Shelter High Poverty Schools from Budget Cuts