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Proposing a Moratorium on “Progressive”

by Brett Hamil, Op-Ed Columnist 

You ever repeat a word so many times it loses all meaning? That’s what Seattle did with “progressive.” After this current election cycle I never want to hear it again. We’re the fourth wealthiest US city with the third highest homeless population, located in the most regressively taxed state in the nation. Continue reading Proposing a Moratorium on “Progressive”

Election Results: Durkan Poised for General, Moon and Oliver in Tight Race for Second in Mayoral Primary

by Kelsey Hamlin, Marcus Harrison Green, Alex Garland (updated 8/7/17 at 4:38 pm)

After a months-long mayoral primary campaign where 21 candidates vied to replace the outgoing Ed Murray, Seattleites received a clearer picture of the two candidates competing in November’s general election. With 184,928 ballots counted,  former U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan, widely seen as the front-runner, is a shoo-in for the next round taking 28.09 percent of the vote.

Though Durkan’s challenger was initially unclear at the close of Tuesday night’s primary election, with Stranger endorsee Cary Moon and Seattle Weekly endorsee Nikkita Oliver locked in a tight battle for second place, Moon’s lead over Oliver expanded in the ensuing days, but has retreated somewhat as of Monday afternoon.

As it stands, Moon possesses a 1,664 vote advantage over Oliver with a few thousand votes still to be counted, according to King County Elections.  A representative for the county’s elections department said that the count of all verified ballots should be completed by Monday evening.  If the margin between Moon and Oliver’s final tallies is less than 2,000 votes a machine recount will be required. Final results will be certified on August 15.

In an attempt to narrow the current gap, the Oliver campaign is urging its supporters to verify that their ballots were counted and not disqualified by King Count Elections. Continue reading Election Results: Durkan Poised for General, Moon and Oliver in Tight Race for Second in Mayoral Primary

Mayor’s Race: As Seattle Goes, So Goes the Country

by Brian Stout

With worsening dysfunction at the federal level, it is increasingly clear that any hope for large-scale progressive change must come from cities and states.  Confronted by a Trump agenda that seeks to sacrifice critical social and environmental protections on the altar of corporate profit, the next mayor of Seattle is uniquely positioned to demonstrate that there is a better path.  Continue reading Mayor’s Race: As Seattle Goes, So Goes the Country

Emerald Readers Give Their Picks For Mayor

With ballots dropping soon we asked Emerald readers and contributors to give us their reason for backing their preferred mayoral candidate.


Laura Loe, Voting for Cary Moon

Cary Moon has been a mentor to me for the last few years. When my fellow members elected me to the Executive Committee of Sierra Club Washington State Chapter, I expressed concerns about how historically white-led environmental movements had long harmed communities of color. Moon recommended an upcoming anti-racism workshop “Exploring Race & Class Intersections” that had helped her to begin to recognize her power and privilege. As the City of Seattle’s next Mayor, Cary Moon will confront institutional racism and systemic oppression within city government while doing the important work to find holistic solutions to Seattle’s housing crisis. It is not an accident my second choice for mayor, Nikkita Oliver, often cites Cary Moon as someone she admires in this complex mayoral landscape. Continue reading Emerald Readers Give Their Picks For Mayor