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OPINION | Diagnosis: Christo-Fascism

by Lola E. Peters

In 1995, I had served as associate director for social justice of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) for five years. That role put me in working relationships with religious professionals from across many faith traditions. As a member of the National Council of Churches Racial Justice Working Group, I regularly interacted with clergy and laity from across the Protestant spectrum alongside faith-based activists. As co-chair of the Council of National Religious AIDS Networks, I worked with Protestants, Catholics, Muslims, and Jews to advocate for safe and sane HIV and AIDS public policy as well as ethical responses in religious communities. 

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OPINION: Fundamentalism and the Radical Right — a Personal Story

by Bob Hughes, Ed.D.

According to reporting by KUOW, two schools in King County account for the overwhelming majority of the juvenile COVID-19 cases in the county. Both schools are affiliated with churches belonging to the Assemblies of God denomination. Because I have some personal knowledge of that branch of the Christian tree, I wasn’t surprised by the news. As someone who has spent his adult life working in education, though, I’m saddened that any school would ignore science and the safety of its community to adopt radical beliefs that put children at risk.

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Local Sightings Filmmakers Crack the Alabaster Jesus Façade

by Beverly Aarons

“This film is dedicated to the future memory of white supremacy, the new world’s original gangster,” a deep voice declares. That’s how Manifest Destiny Jesus begins. Orchestral music blares, white text fades onto a black background, the words of English writer William Gilpin come into view: “The untransacted destiny of the American people is to subdue the continent — to rush over this vast field to the Pacific Ocean.”

Seattle’s crane-filled skyline comes into view. Logos of the richest and most powerful corporations in the nation glide down towering skyscrapers. Weathered tent cities cling to a dusty underpass. Seattle: a paragon of westward expansion and capitalist conquest. Fast forward: Displaced Seattleites lament the relentless hammer of gentrification. “I can’t even afford to live here,” a man says. 

A woman sits in Columbia City Church of Hope, a stained glass Jesus hovers above, his ivory hand points westward. 

Manifest Destiny Jesus, which screens at this month’s “Local Sightings” film festival, is a documentary that explores how the widespread portrayal of Jesus as white influences everything from gentrification to police brutality. And how one small church in a gentrifying South Seattle found the courage to ask, “What does it mean to worship a white Jesus?” 

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