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Seedcast: Colleen Echohawk on Family and Inspiration

by Felipe Contreras

Indigenous peoples and communities have long used stories to understand the world and our place in it. Seedcast is a story-centered podcast by Nia Tero and a special monthly column produced in partnership with the South Seattle Emerald about nurturing and rooting stories of the Indigenous experience.

On March 24, my colleagues and I on Nia Tero’s Seedcast team will release the first episode of our new season of the podcast, featuring an interview with Colleen Echohawk, executive director of Chief Seattle Club. Colleen is an enrolled member of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma, and she is also adopted into the Ahtna/Athabaskan community where she grew up in Mentasta Lake, Alaska. I was honored to interview Colleen for the episode, which is focused on Colleen’s exploration of what shaped her into the leader she is today, with an emphasis on her Indigenous heritage.

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Bruce Harrell, Former City Council President, Announces Campaign for Mayor

by Jack Russillo

Blocks away from where he was raised in the Central District, beside the high school where he was valedictorian and earned a football scholarship to the University of Washington, Bruce Harrell announced his campaign for mayor of Seattle.

Harrell, a former Seattle City Council president and longtime community leader, spoke to a small gathering of family members, supporters, and members of the media on Tuesday, March 16 as he made his announcement near the Medgar Evers Pool at Garfield High School. 

“It seems very fitting that, during the coming of spring, when we think about a rebirth, a revitalization, a resurrection if you will, that’s when I announce my candidacy for mayor,” said Harrell at the press conference. “This is not the Seattle where I was born. This is not the Seattle where my Black grandparents came from to escape the Jim Crow laws of the South for opportunity and hope. This is not the Seattle where my Japanese parents left their small village in Kumamoto, Japan to seek refuge and build a community for themselves and engage in hope and love. This is not the Seattle that was the basis of their dreams … My candidacy is going to be about bringing about effective leaders and letting their brilliance shine.”

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In Announcing Mayoral Run, Colleen Echohawk Promises “People-First Approach” to Seattle Politics

by Marcus Harrison Green

For too long, Colleen Echohawk says that Seattle politics has lacked a “people-first approach.”

With a vow to bring one to City Hall, Echohawk officially announced her mayoral run on Monday morning.

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OPINION: Becoming a Good Ancestor

by Colleen Echohawk 

The elders always have something to teach us. Sometimes I am so busy, worried, and stressed that I miss it. I miss their quiet and unassuming teaching steeped in hard years of experience that gently guides us.  Recently, I stood outside of the Chief Seattle Club at a table, watching the line of relatives who have been experiencing homelessness; they were waiting for us to open the food line. The line was expansive, reaching all the way down the block. This population already struggles with food insecurity, but the pandemic has worsened an already tragic situation. Hundreds of our homeless relatives were hungry, waiting for our staff at the Chief Seattle Club to bring out nutritious and delicious meals to quell their hunger and offer kind words of support and comfort in an unsupportive and incredibly uncomfortable situation.

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The Morning Update Show — 11/24/20

The Morning Update Show — hosted by Trae Holiday and The Big O (Omari Salisbury) — is the only weekday news and information livestream that delivers culturally relevant content to the Pacific Northwest’s urban audience. Omari and Trae analyze the day’s local and national headlines as well as melanin magic in our community. Watch live every weekday at 11 a.m. on any of the following channels, hosted by Converge Media: YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Periscope, and whereweconverge.com.

We’ll also post the Morning Update Show here on the Emerald each day after it airs, so you can catch up any time of day while you peruse our latest posts.

Morning Update Show — Tuesday, Nov. 24

Today on the show:

The City Budget Is in the Books; Kevin Schofield of SCC Insight | LIVE; Colleen Echohawk of Cheif Seattle Club | LIVE; Native American Heritage Month; Cannabis Equity With Aaron Bossett; and Coronavirus Updates with Nikki Barron.

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