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Review: Super Six Restaurant, Simply Super

by Marilee Jolin

Earlier this summer I walked down Hudson street in Columbia City and noticed a couple guys up on a ladder, painting a brick building I’d never really noticed before.  The logo was black and I could just make out the first two large S’s at the far left side.  A few days later, I was so happy to learn this would be the site for Super Six, the newest restaurant from the owners of Marination Ma Kai (Alkai) and Marination Station (Capitol Hill).   Continue reading Review: Super Six Restaurant, Simply Super

Don’t Haul Your Lawn Chair to Fremont, the South End is Full of Outdoor Movie Fun

by Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again, when we take advantage of the warm summer nights, grab some camping chairs or blankets and go watch our favorite movies projected outdoors. While many will be flocking to Fremont, Marymoor or the Seattle Center, those in the South End know that the best outdoor movies are those enjoyed with their family, friends and neighbors right in their very own community.

Continue reading Don’t Haul Your Lawn Chair to Fremont, the South End is Full of Outdoor Movie Fun

South Seattle Readies for “Night Out”

Seattle Night OutSouth Seattle will be bombarded by a host of events tomorrow night, including cookouts, block parties, and safety demonstrations as its neighborhoods- from Mt.Baker to Skyway- will join  the rest of the country in celebrating the 30th annual National Night Out Against Crime.

First celebrated in the Seattle area in 1984, The Night Out- as it is commonly known- is intended to arouse community involvement in crime prevention activities, police-citizen partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie, all while delivering a clear message to criminals that neighborhoods are organized in standing against them .

With South Seattle suffering a steep increase in its crime rate over the past year, and consequent concerns over public safety in the area, it is a message that many residents relish delivering.

“I’m doing this because I think it’s desperately important for our entire community.” Says Anne Porter, who is heading up a Night Out event in her North Rainier neighborhood where she’ll be passing out disaster preparedness packages.

While the events focus primarily on hindering crime in the area, it is the valuable opportunity they provide for community interaction that most intrigues Porter.

“I want to know my neighbors better. We’re hoping to get as many people stopping by as possible. We need to galvanize this community.”

That sentiment is echoed by Cynthia Kniffin, a Columbia City resident who is hosting her own Night Out themed block party. “We hope to get to know who is on our block. The deeper the connections you make with your neighbors the better it is for the safety and togetherness of the whole neighborhood.”

A list of South Seattle Night Out events taking place on August 5th is below and will be updated periodically.

1) 37th Avenue South Night Out. Start Time: 6:00pm. Organizer:Stephen Bentsen. Location: 37th Avenue South Seattle WA

2) South Holly Street Night Out. Start Time: 5:00pm.Organizer: Ingrid Berkhout. Location: South Holly Street between 39th Ave and 42nd Ave Seattle, WA

3) 39th Avenue South Block Party: Start Time: 6:00pm. Organizer: Cynthia Kniffin (phone: email: cynthiakniffin@gmail.com) Location: 39th Ave S between Genesee and Oregon (near Rainier Community Center)

4) 28th Avenue South Seattle Night Out Potluck: Start Time: 6:00pm. Organizer: Anne Porter (email: annesiemion@yahoo.com) Location: 1701 28th Ave South Seattle, WA (Mt. Baker/North Rainier)  Note: Children’s activities will take place at this event.