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My Emerald Story: Building Back Greater

In celebration of the South Seattle Emerald’s 8th Anniversary, we asked community members to share moments in our publication’s history that remain special to them.

by Cynthia Green

Help the Emerald create more “ripples and sparks” throughout the community! I’m the publisher’s mother and an Emerald founding board member. I’ve lived in Seattle all my life. Over most of those 77 years, the brilliance, diversity, and beauty of our community lacked a constant spotlight — that was until the Emerald came along. I’ve seen my son and the Emerald team sacrifice sleep, health care, self-care, and better salaries elsewhere to keep the Emerald shining a light on our community. I’d never ask anyone to make that kind of sacrifice, but I do ask to do what you can today to support the Emerald as a Rainmaker, or sustaining donor, during their 8th anniversary campaign, Ripples & Sparks at Home, April 20–28. Become a Rainmaker today by choosing the “recurring donor” option on the donation page!

—Cynthia “Mama” Green, The Publisher’s Mama & Rainmaker 

So, another year has gone by. I am so grateful that the South Seattle Emerald is still here to serve our community due to the dedicated leadership team, writers, photographers, board, and community. I’m also grateful that I have had the opportunity to see and experience something rare during my lifetime, largely because of the Emerald’s coverage. 

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Celebrating International Women’s Month With the Women of the ‘Emerald’

by Amanda Ong

As we come upon the close of International Women’s Month, we at the Emerald feel indebted to recognize three women who have been integral to the growth of our values and success. In the last eight years, the Emerald has come so far, and we know we could never have done it without so many of the amazing women on our team. But Cynthia “Mama” Green, Bridgette Hempstead, and Devin Chicras in particular deserve special recognition for their contributions. Green, Hempstead, and Chicras have been with us from day one, and we appreciate them beyond words.

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