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A Bulletproof Community Spirit

by Miguel Jimenez

There were ten shots fired. Or at least that’s what I think we counted while sitting at a large table near the front window of Rainier Beach’s Jude’s Old Town last Tuesday.

Darting to the back of the bar, all of us crouched to survey the scene from the large front windows. The disparate conversations broke apart as the whole bar began asking questions and assembling facts. There was a palpable sense of caution bordering on fear, but certainly not panic. Continue reading A Bulletproof Community Spirit

D.A.D.S: A Gathering of Men, Seeking Answers

by John Hamer

Every Wednesday morning I go to a meeting at D.A.D.S. (Divine Alternatives for Dads Services) on Rainier Avenue South. It is the most diverse group of men I’ve ever known: black, white, brown and Asian — all ages, from 20-something to 90-something. We live all over the metropolitan region. We’re from all economic levels, low-income to well-off, ex-cons and retired CEOs. Some are high-school dropouts, some have college degrees and even Ph.Ds. Continue reading D.A.D.S: A Gathering of Men, Seeking Answers