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Homelessness: A Reality Somehow Dismissed

by Kelsey Hamlin

Preface: Before I begin this piece, it should be noted that the faces of homelessness are many, and remarkably different. They can range from five months old to 80 years old; they can be completely sober or battling addiction; they can be escaping abuse or unable to pay rent. The ways in which a person becomes homeless vary, and there is no one way to look at homelessness nor cover everybody it impacts. Homelessness is simply too broad, and there are too many who suffer from it.

With that, I present but one story of a homeless, single mother: Ronda Althaus.

“I’m not from here, so it was a lot scarier for me,” Ronda said, recalling her first official night out on the streets of Seattle with no place to stay. Her lips quivered and her voice shook as tears gathered in her eyes. “I felt in danger and at risk. I walked for hours in the rain, left my things. People are looking at you like you don’t belong.” Continue reading Homelessness: A Reality Somehow Dismissed