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Sharon Blake Is Creating Space for Healing With Life Chronicles Publishing 

by Nura Ahmed

A Washington-born mother of three and grandmother of five, Sharon Blake grew up in White Center in the only Black family in her neighborhood. She grew up with members of the KKK harassing her family often. Meanwhile, at home, her alcoholic stepfather abused her because she was the darkest-skinned member of her family. Blake grew up angry and afraid. She did not know how to handle the racial trauma she experienced both inside and outside her home and ended up resorting to drugs as a teenager. 

Blake became addicted to crack cocaine for over two decades. Through therapy, dedication, and hard work, she was able to get clean as an adult. Three years into her sobriety, Blake realized she wanted to help others like her. She worked as a case manager at the Tacoma Rescue Mission for five years, helping the houseless population in Tacoma get the resources they needed to get back on their feet. 

Meanwhile, to try to heal from all the trauma she had personally gone through, Blake turned to writing. In 2014, Blake ended up writing her first book, Chronicles of Pain: Leaving the Pain of the Past Behind, a memoir about the racial violence she had experienced both inside and outside her home, her struggle with addiction, and the trauma she had experienced as a result. Writing her first book became her salvation. “When I say writing literally saved my life, it really did,” Blake said. 

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