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The Morning Update Show — 6/30/21

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Morning Update Show — Wednesday, June 30

LIVE — Besa Gordon | King County Limits Evictions and Fees | Can Marc Dones Find Homeless Solutions in King County? | Seattle’s Democracy Project | Seattle Housing Market Is Red Hot | #BlackGirlMagic

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Communities on the Margins Brace for End of the Eviction Moratorium

by Ashley Archibald

Washington’s statewide eviction moratorium expires on June 30, leaving a large number of low-income and vulnerable residents at risk of eviction, even as they struggle to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

State and local governments stepped in to prevent evictions by passing new renters’ rights bills while the pandemic raged through Washington. Hundreds of millions of dollars have poured into rental assistance programs, largely from the massive federal government spending plan passed under the Trump administration.

The American Rescue Plan Act, passed in March under the Biden administration, will push those numbers higher.

But the scale of the need is huge.

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Ticketing Vehicle Residents Is Eviction and Happening, Despite COVID-19 Moratoriums

by Samira George

(This article originally appeared in Real Change and has been reprinted under an agreement.)

“I used to live in those apartments,” Dee Powers, a 38-year-old Seattleite, said wistfully, “but I got priced out.” Standing in Seattle’s Occidental Park, coffee in hand, Powers stared at the distinctive white point of Smith Tower where across the street rests the old apartment Powers called home for five years.

The burst of the housing bubble in 2008 allowed Powers to rent a downtown apartment for $650 a month, but in 2015 they came home to a 60-day notice and a warning of a 40% rent increase. Since then, Powers has called a 40-foot RV home.

On April 13, five vehicle residents gathered at an action meeting in Occidental Park to share their unique car-living experiences in a city with a checkered past. All of the residents, including Powers, have either lived or are currently roaming Seattle’s streets in vehicles.

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Despite Eviction Moratorium, Renters Are Still Being Evicted

by Erica C. Barnett

(This article was originally published by PubliCola and has been reprinted under an agreement.) 

Renters across Washington state have existed in a kind of financial and legal limbo since mid-March, when Governor Jay Inslee issued the first statewide eviction moratorium, declaring that the temporary measure would “help reduce economic hardship and related life, health, and safety risks to those members of our workforce impacted by layoffs and substantially reduced work hours or who are otherwise unable to pay rent as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

At the time, no one knew how long the pandemic would continue or the impact it would have on the state and national economy. Since then, Inslee has extended the moratorium four more times, most recently in October, when he set a new expiration date of December 31.

But despite the moratorium, commonly referred to as an “eviction ban,” renters are still being evicted. Last month, nearly 40 people were evicted through the court system in King County, up from just eight in April. (We know the numbers for King County because they’re tracked by the King County Bar Association’s Housing Justice Project, but a similar trend is almost certainly happening across the state). Added to that are an unknown number of people who are informally evicted through methods that, while not technically evictions, still have the same effect, their numbers never counted in the total of people forced to move — or made homeless — during a worldwide pandemic.

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Losing Home Report Reveals Deeper Understanding About Seattle Area Evictions

by Kamna Shastri

Seattle continues to wrestle with a homelessness crisis that seems to grow each day. Different circumstances can lead an individual to struggling on the streets, but a report from the Seattle Women’s Commission and the Housing Justice Project is bringing attention to just how much eviction contributes to the pipeline of homelessness.

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