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Op-Ed: Time to Act

by Sophie Clark

Spread across the headlines this morning we were faced with a single, unavoidable but equally unanswerable question: What will Trump do now?

Well, that ship has sailed and we have two months and eleven days to guess the course it will take. The more pressing question is: What will we do?

If we define our democracy by the right to vote, then our part is done. We can only sit back and watch the spectacle unfold. But that definition washes away the reality of hundreds of years of US history, built on the backs of ordinary people fighting to shape the country they wanted to live in. Continue reading Op-Ed: Time to Act

Diminishing Returns at Housing Focus Groups

by Erica C. Barnett

When the city’s Department of Neighborhoods (DON) first put out the call for citizens to apply as neighborhood representatives serving on one of four new community focus groups that would advise the city’s Office of Planning and Community Development on the mayor’s proposed Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA), residents of mostly white North End neighborhoods—many of them vocal opponents of the plan—applied en masse. With just two weeks before the application deadline, fully half of the applicants came from only three North Seattle neighborhoods.
Continue reading Diminishing Returns at Housing Focus Groups

Emerald Voices: Remembering 김영섭, Michael Layton Taylor (1972-2016)

by Sharon H. Chang

 KIM, YOUNG SEOB was born on September 19, 1972 in South Korea. Six months later he was left at an orphanage near Seoul with no explanation. He would never see his birth family again nor ever know why he had been surrendered. Five years later Kim, Young Seob was selected for transnational adoption. He was placed with an elated interracial U.S. couple, Larry Layton Taylor (white) and his wife Fuyo (Japanese). The young child boarded a long flight overseas to join his new parents in a foreign land called Seattle, Washington. Continue reading Emerald Voices: Remembering 김영섭, Michael Layton Taylor (1972-2016)

#EmeraldLove: Dustin Washington

“It’s the most pure, honest media source in the Pacific Northwest.”

October 18th – October 25th is the Emerald’s inaugural Giving Campaign where we will raise essential support to keep bringing you the news, commentary and culture you care about!

For Dustin Washington, South Seattle Emerald is an indispensable resource for People of Color in Seattle – particularly those working to end structural racism.