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12 Years Ago I Was Trafficked — Now, I Have Hope

by Panadda Mccoy

Twelve years ago, I was under control of my trafficker and had no hope for my future. It began while I was living in Thailand with my son; I had a dream to come to the United States, get a good job, and eventually bring my son with me. Traffickers get you to believe they care for you. They are nice to you and make you believe they are providing for you. It seems very sincere.

I found people who said they would help me and care for me like a family, but I never knew what these people really had in mind. I never once thought I would be trafficked; I didn’t even know what trafficking was. I was promised a way into the United States and a job when I arrived. They were so nice to me, and I was excited. However, after arriving in the U.S., they told me I owed a lot of money to their organization, and in order to pay the money back, I would have to work in the sex industry within a massage parlor. The job never seemed to get smaller. The hours only seemed to get longer. I thought this would never end. When would I see my son again?

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