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OPINION: Being Together So Long

by Gregory Davis and Shawn Richard-Davis

In celebration of love in our community, the Emerald reached out to community leaders and activists Gregory Davis and his wife Shawn Richard-Davis for inspiration on what brought them together and what has sustained their relationship of nearly 40 years. Gregory sent us this reply.

When I came to Seattle University from Compton, CA, in the fall of 1978 to start my freshman year, it was raining. Shawn met me before I met her. I was taking photos at the Seattle U men’s basketball game when she spotted me. She says my smile captivated her. I did not know. We actually met later, in the winter of 1980, while just hanging out on campus. I was captivated by her sweet presence and smartness. Turns out she was Summa Cum Laude in the class of ʼ83; I was “thankyalawdy,” class of ʼ82. We married in 1984.

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What the South End Wants to Hear from Seattle City Candidates

by Agueda Pacheco Flores

Even though Danielle Jackson says she is skeptical of the system, she always votes.

“I want my vote to count, but I’m not always happy with the people in place,” she says. 

Jackson is a long-time Rainier Valley resident and founder of the Changing Habits and Motivating Personal Self-Esteem (CHAMPS) organization. Her community organization helps connect Rainier Valley residents with programs and resources such as violence prevention workshops taught by youth for youth. The non-profit partners with groups, businesses, and churches across the valley to help people who may be struggling. 

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