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The Immigration Question Makes The Census Useless

Lawmakers use the Census to determine where people live — not what their status is

by Hanna Brooks Olsen

Editors’ Note: This article was originally published on 04/05/2018. It was republished on 01/17/2022 with a new featured image.

Though King County’s explosive growth in the last decade has largely been attributed almost entirely to Amazon—and thus, generally assumed to be single “bros” living in South Lake Union apartments—our newest neighbors are coming from all over and for a plethora of reasons. According to official records, “more than half of King County’s new population was foreign-born” between 2001 and 2010. In fact, the immigrant and refugee population are the fastest growing in the area, adding new languages, cultures, and customs to neighborhoods, most of which are located on the edge or just outside of Seattle’s boundaries.

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The 5th Estate Episode 8: A Journalist Named Ansel

Friend of Seattlish & the Emerald, and Confirmed Handsome Journalist Ansel Herz has had one hell of a week—but he managed to make time to sit around and gossip with Hanna and Marcus. 

We recorded this last week so a bit of the info might be a little dated (our beloved producer, DJ, is still fighting the good fight at Standing Rock. Love you, Deej!)—but don’t worry! We’ve got another ep coming Monday with updates on the 37th and some other stuff. 

Get after it: 

Move-In Fee Cap Kicked Back To Committee (BUT MAYBE NOT DEAD?)

by Hanna Brooks Olsen

(This article was originally published on Seattlish and has been reprinted with permission.)

Last week we got a tip that the fairly conservative landlord group Washington Multifamily Housing Authority had reached out to every City Councilmember but Kshama Sawant to express their concern about Sawant’s proposed ordinance which would cap move-in fees for renters and allow them to establish payment plans for deposits. 

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