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In My Own Words: Justice For Herbert Hightower Jr.

by Castill Hightower

The year 2004 was one of the hardest years my family ever faced. That September, we lost my brother Herbert Hightower Jr. and our lives instantly changed. He was tragically killed by Seattle Police (SPD) just a few feet from our home while experiencing a mental health crisis. I remember waking up to chaos and thinking I was still sleeping — that the sirens weren’t real and my mother’s grief wasn’t real. To this day, I struggle with accepting that I won’t ever see Herbert again — that he won’t get the chance to become the amazing father we knew him to be, the one that made everyone laugh and smile and cared about each of us deeply. And because SPD chose to kill him, we as a family are left to pick up the pieces and still, 16 years later, have to fight for the truth of what exactly happened that night.

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