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My Emerald Story: My Extended Family

In celebration of the South Seattle Emerald’s 8th Anniversary, we asked community members to share moments in our publication’s history that remain special to them.

by Jamil Suleman

Join me in helping the Emerald create ripples and sparks everywhere! Information is Power! Imagine media for, by, and accountable to the community — thankfully, you don’t have to, because the Emerald already exists! As a founding board member living in a community so often treated as powerless, I’ve seen the Emerald grow to become a beacon of light that reminds us of our power, our wisdom, and our agency. But we can’t continue to do it without sustainable financial resources that allow us to thrive. Help us celebrate authentic community stories during the Emerald’s 8th anniversary campaign, Ripples & Sparks at Home, April 20–28, by becoming a recurring donor! 

—Bridgette Hempstead, Community Activist, Founding Board Member, & Rainmaker

The amount of support and community love I and my homies have received from Marcus Green and the South Seattle Emerald over the years has been one of the most inspiring things to be a part of. I’ve written for the Emerald, produced amazing local-focused video work with our Indie Genius Media team, have been featured for several causes and performances, and have connected some of my most trusted friends to the Emerald over the years. I could tell a thousand stories of gratitude and service, but I’ll focus on some of the more recent opportunities the Emerald has given us.

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“The Heart of the Dragon” Tells the Story of Taky Kimura, Bruce Lee’s Best Friend and Senior-Most Instructor

by Sharon H. Chang

Editor’s Note: We want to acknowledge that there remains disagreement in the martial arts community over who is properly credited as Bruce Lee’s senior-most student. In light of that fact, we’ve chosen to refer to Taky Kimura as Bruce Lee’s senior-most instructor.

Taky Kimura, Bruce Lee’s best friend and senior-most instructor, has been lovingly safeguarding Lee’s memory and legacy in Seattle for almost five decades. Many people know and admire legendary martial artist Bruce Lee, but few know about the close friend who helped Lee start his first martial arts school in Seattle’s Chinatown-International District (CID) and carried on Lee’s legacy after he tragically passed. Kimura turned 96 last month and Thursday, May 7, a new short film about his life and relationship to Lee, “Taky Kimura: The Heart of the Dragon,” will premiere online for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

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Emerald Uncovered: Jerrell Davis, aka Rell Be Free

Our second episode of Emerald Uncovered takes us to the “Soufend” of Seattle, home to Emcee, Educator, and Activist Jerrell Davis, aka Rell Be Free. Recently selected as one of Seattle’s Most Influential People of 2018, Jerrell seeks to shine a light on the incredible work being done by community organizers, youth, elders, and educators in the city. Brought to you by Indie Genius Media.

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