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Beloved: Reaching for Redemption — A Lifelong Process

A Seattle father discovers self-value after being affected by both ends of the gun.

by Chardonnay Beaver

Everyone lost to gun violence is someone’s beloved.  Beloved is a multi-media campaign exploring gun violence in-depth in four phases: The Problem of gun violence as a symptom of illness (or infection) caused by systemic inequality; The History of gun violence, root causes, and local and national data trends. The Solutions to end gun violence including King County Public Health’s regional approach to gun violence prevention and treatments; and finally, the ideation of a world without gun violence, The Beloved Community. The Beloved project is brought to you in partnership with Seattle Office of Arts & Culture Hope Corps program, King County’s Public Health team, Converge Media, Black Coffee Northwest, Toybox Consulting, Creative Justice, The Facts Newspaper, Forever Safe Spaces, Northwest African American Museum, Presidential Media, and the South Seattle Emerald.

The road that leads to redemption looks different for everybody. 

For over a decade, David Marshall Sr. has embarked on a mission to make amends with the past that he, along with 35% of Black men in metropolitan areas, got caught up in. At the age of 12, Marshall entered a lifestyle where violence, anger, and self-destruction became a normality.

“For me, the life that I lived, I’ve been trying to recover from for a long time,” Marshall said.

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