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The Morning Update Show — 7/13/21

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Morning Update Show — Tuesday, July 13

Suspect in Lorenzo Anderson Murder Apprehended | LIVE — Sharon N. Williams | LIVE — Donna Moodie | Where Is the $30M Task Force Money Going? | Sustainable Community Investments

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CHOP Protesters Pleaded for Help and Received None

by Elizabeth Turnbull

In the early morning of Saturday, June 20, following two shootings directly outside of the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) barricades, fire department safety protocols and the pleas of volunteer medics and bystanders collided. 

At 2:19 a.m., bystanders called 911 after a young adult male was shot on 10th Avenue and East Pine Street.

Following the gunshots, protesters began clearing the street in front of Rancho Bravo restaurant in order to allow potential Seattle Fire Department (SFD) medical vehicles to enter after hearing confirmation, by monitoring live fire department dispatch communications, that a medical vehicle was coming to assist the victim, according to David Lewis, a fixture at the Seattle protests who was on site the night of the shooting.

“Everyone was clearing the way for all medical staff continuously,” Lewis told the Emerald. “Of course we want — we needed the medical staff, we needed them to be here and with that confirmation we were clearing all cars, all people.”

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