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As Summer Approaches, Encampment Sweeps Ramp Up

by Erica C. Barnett

(This article previously appeared on PubliCola and has been reprinted under an agreement.)

As summer approaches, the City has accelerated the pace of homeless encampment removals, which declined dramatically during the pandemic thanks in part to public health guidelines that cautioned against moving people from place to place.

But now that many people are vaccinated and students are returning to school, notices of impending encampment removals are starting to show up again in parks and other public spaces around the city. The Parks Department, which is in charge of removing most homeless encampments, will post notices like the one below at seven “high-priority” encampments this week. If people are still on site on the day of a posted removal, the department can remove their property, including tents and survival gear. The encampments are:

  • Madrona Park (Madrona)
  • Albert Davis Park (Lake City)
  • Second Avenue Extension (Pioneer Square)
  • Hubble Place/Convention Center (Downtown)
  • Amy Yee Tennis Center (Mt. Baker)
  • Broadway Hill Park (North Capitol Hill)
  • 8th Avenue and King Street (Pioneer Square)
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OPEN LETTER: Tammy Morales Calls for Mediation Between LIHI and Nickelsville

Tammy Morales sent the following letter to the city of Seattle’s Human Services Department, Nickelsville, and the Low Income Housing Institute. It is reprinted here with permission. A petition calling for mediation between the organizations can be found here.

by Tammy Morales

Dear Nickelsville, Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI), and Seattle Human Services Department Leaders,

I have immense admiration for the work that both LIHI and Nickelsville have done for years in serving our underserved homeless neighbors. Nickelsville, you have stood against corporate power in the city that wants to stop spending on human services. You have served the needs of our community members and have shown us that we can have permanent affordable housing.

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Like A Phoenix: The Death and Revival of Camp Dearborn

by Marilee Jolin

The sun shines down in warm, inviting patches as gusts of wind sweep through, rippling the sea of blue plastic tarps, and bringing with it a bone-deep chill. Rolling clouds cast shadows and shapes on dozens of domed nylon structures, and bits of green peek out here and there, traces of the previously empty grass lot now covered in dozens of temporary homes.  On this temperamental but hopeful early spring day, I am at the newly established Camp Dearborn, a name adopted by the former residents of Nickelsville after their eviction from that location on March 11.  Continue reading Like A Phoenix: The Death and Revival of Camp Dearborn