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‘Chino Y Chicano’ Podcast Centers POC Stories in Seattle

by Ronnie Estoque

Matt Chan and Enrique Cerna are award-winning storytellers with decades of experience in the television industry. They met in 1978 when they both worked at KING 5, and have maintained a strong bond that has lasted nearly 45 years. While they worked within different capacities over their careers and only rarely collaborated, they decided in 2020 to join forces and to create Chino Y Chicano, a podcast that centers the stories of People of Color living in Seattle. 

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Chino Y Chicano Podcast: Girmay Zahilay

by Enrique Cerna and Matt Chan

A couple of retired guys that spent their careers making television dish on the good, bad, and ridiculousness of life for People of Color in America. They tear apart the news of the week, explore the complexities of race, and talk to people far more interesting than they will ever be.

Girmay Zahilay joins the Chino Y Chicano to talk about his first year and a half on the King County Council. It has been a rollercoaster of crises from COVID-19 to police violence and racial justice protests, a growing homelessness and gun violence problem, and now a reopening of the state as vaccination efforts continue. Zahilay reflects on a council experience that so far has been full of emotion, and unpredictability.

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