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Mawadda Café: A Must Chai

By Rosalind Brazel

To understand what it took for Rami Al-Jebori to get his restaurant, Mawadda Café, up and running, you have to think about how many hours a week you work. Forty hours? A few more? Sixty at the very most? Imagine if you had to work fourteen-hour days for seven days a week. Here’s the math on that: 98 hours. Also, consider that this is not work for the weak-hearted. It’s not just working on your feet nearly that entire time but it’s also meeting and greeting your customers with a smile, which takes a different kind of energy. He had no staff, no cashier, no dishwasher. He had just himself to get Mawadda Cafe open and running. He worked this grueling schedule for two years. Makes you exhausted just thinking about it, right? Continue reading Mawadda Café: A Must Chai