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Weekend Reads: Is Drinking Coffee Good or Bad For You?

by Kevin Schofield

This weekend’s read is a research study on the effects of drinking coffee — potentially a lot of coffee — on your health. Specifically it looks at whether people who drink coffee were more likely to die over a ten-year period from any cause (called a “mortality hazard ratio”).

The researchers from the National Cancer Institute and Northwestern University studied a sample of 490,000 persons from the United Kingdom whose medical records from 2006 to 2016 are in a research “biobank” along with data about their demographics and lifestyle. Biobanks like this one are essential resources for looking for connections with health and medical outcomes.

The results they found were surprising. According to the researchers, drinking coffee is inversely associated with mortality: that is, people who drank coffee were less likely to die over the ten-year study period. Even more surprising: even people who drank six or more cups of coffee per day — which, let’s be honest, sounds scary — had a lower mortality rate than those who drank fewer cups.

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