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Bringing It Back: An EPIC Giving Project

by James Akbar Williams


The EPIC Giving Project is a partnership between the Social Justice Fund (SJF) and Ending Prison Industrial Complex (EPIC) to develop anti-racist, community led models of raising money and distributing funds.  Over the next year, SJF and EPIC will work with a group of 15-20 community members to distribute $500,000 Seattle City Council allocated for Community Led Alternatives in the last budget cycle.  The EPIC Giving Project is the product of years of community struggle against King County pouring $210,000,000 into a youth detention center on 12th and Alder, calling for investment in community led alternatives instead.  Also, the EPIC Giving Project is what Anti-Racist Community Organizers demanded from the Seattle City Council after they passed the Zero Youth Detention Resolution last fall.  Personally, there are two primary reasons I’m invested in this work:   Continue reading Bringing It Back: An EPIC Giving Project