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OPINION: Support Fair Opportunity, Decline to Sign Referendum 88

By Leslie Dozono, Lauren Hipp, Vy Nguyen, and Erin Okuno

In spring of 2019, the Washington State legislature passed I-1000 which allows for considerations like race, sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, religion, ethnicity, and citizenship status to be a factor when considering a person for public education or employment opportunities, overturning Initiative 200, which banned those considerations in the 1990s. While many people support affirmative action, there was opposition — including from a vocal group of Asians claiming they stand for equality collecting signatures to take Referendum Measure 88 to the voters in hopes of repealing the new law. This is our response to our community and our ask of our families: decline to sign and say NO to Referendum Measure 88.

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The Answer to Anti-Semitism is Not Homeland Security

by Bess Hepner, Michael Grant, and Risa Nagel
IfNotNow Seattle

Earlier in May, the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle hosted a Community-Wide Safety Training Series led by the Department of Homeland Security, Seattle Police Department, and Anti-Defamation League — all institutions infamous for promoting militarism and racism. As young Jews, we can’t help but wonder why we should take safety advice from organizations working to make us unsafe. We believe that instead of perpetuating the ideologies built to destroy our communities, Jews in Seattle can find real safety in solidarity with other communities threatened by white nationalism.

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OPINION: We Need Better Options

by the Seattle Peoples Party

This past year has been a very difficult one. With global fascism on the rise, the war has continued to escalate against people of color, women, trans and gender non-conforming folks, disabled people, and anyone who is economically disadvantaged. Here in Seattle, the housing catastrophe has intensified, with over 12,000 people living houseless at any given time.

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