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OPINION | Working With COVID

by Jesse Kennemer

For a food service worker, even a mild case of COVID in the “post-pandemic era” can lead to critical loss of personal income or even losing a job. This is before even taking into consideration the potential health impact of the infection itself, especially in the long-term.

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Seattle Uber Drivers Receive Sick Day Compensation in Record-Breaking Settlement

by Luke Schaefer

A multimillion dollar settlement has been reached between rideshare titan Uber and the Office of Labor Standards (OLS) over alleged violations of Seattle’s Paid Sick and Safe Time (PSST) for Gig Workers Ordinance. The settlement will put $3.4 million into the hands of over 15,000 Seattle Uber drivers and marks the largest settlement agreement in OLS’s history.

On Thursday, June 24, City Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda and Council President Lorena Gonzales joined the Teamsters Local 117 union and several Uber drivers for a press event outside the Islamic School of Seattle to celebrate the win for drivers.

“Today $3.4 million [is] going back in the hands of workers. $3.4 million from an investigation initiated by these workers here. $3.4 million going on the tables of hardworking families across Seattle. That’s an economic stimulator. That’s good for everyone,” said Mosqueda, whose labor-focused reelection campaign is being endorsed by Teamsters 117. “We can be proud of Seattle. Today, workers are getting the pay and respect that they deserve.”

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When We Elect Black Women Leaders

by Melia LaCour

It took several attempts before I could finally write this article. What do the 2020 election victories for Black women Democrats mean to me as a Black, mixed-race woman? Each time, I erupted in explosive grief. A complex grief that holds a thousand stories.

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