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Navigating Consensual Non-Monogamy During COVID-19

by Alexa Peters 

According to a study in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, it’s estimated that 21 percent of the American population is engaged in some form of consensual non-monogamy — a term that encompasses polyamory, open, and other non-monogamous relationship styles. In other words, at the height of a global pandemic, approximately 69 million people in the U.S. are currently in intimate relationships with multiple people at once. 

Seattle, for its part, has a robust non-monogamous community, evidenced by many local, online groups around polyamory, open relationships, relationship anarchy, and other styles. Seattle even has therapists that specialize in polyamory

So, it’s not surprising that the global pandemic has deeply impacted the lives of non-monogamous folks in the Seattle area. Stay-at-home orders have hampered their ability to meet new partners or see current ones, while also asking them to re-evaluate the stakes involved in their way of life. 

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