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South End Heritage Festival Celebrates Local Musical Talent

by Carolyn Bick

Music from two different block parties wound its way down the block and into the ears of Columbia City’s and Hillman City’s pedestrians on the late afternoon of July 27. The parties, held at Big Chickie and City Teriyaki, were part of the first annual South End Heritage Festival.

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Community Arts Create Hosts First South End Heritage Festival July 27

by Carolyn Bick

Festival organizer Benjamin Hunter is excited for the upcoming South End Heritage Festival on July 27, an event meant to blend a musical festival and the Rainier Valley Heritage Festival.

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Weekend Review: Heritage Parade, Back 2 School Bash, and Othello International Music & Arts Festival

by Susan Fried

In arguably South Seattle’s most event-packed weekend this summer, the Rainier Valley Heritage Parade transformed Rainier Avenue into a playground for a day, the Rainier Beach Back 2 School Bash provided supplies and motivation for South End students for the upcoming school year, and the Othello Park International Music and Arts Festival showcased the area’s vast diversity through song, dance, food, and (of course) a camel petting zoo. Continue reading Weekend Review: Heritage Parade, Back 2 School Bash, and Othello International Music & Arts Festival

Guide to the 25th Rainier Valley Heritage Parade and Festival

by Emerald Staff 

Despite early August’s skin-scorching temperatures, forecasts predict minor relief from the heat on Saturday, just in time for the 25th edition of the Rainier Valley Heritage Parade and Festival. 

Saturday’s long standing summer celebration anticipates as many as 10,000 attendees and participants experiencing the transformation of Rainier Avenue into a street jubilee. Continue reading Guide to the 25th Rainier Valley Heritage Parade and Festival

Guide to the Rainier Valley Heritage Parade & Festival Weekend

by Antonio Foster

South Seattle’s 24th annual extravaganza known as the Rainer Valley Heritage Parade & Festival kicks off this Saturday.  This year, the Rainier Chamber is partnering with Parks and Recreation’s Big Day of Play and SDOT’s Summer Parkways; turning the whole Valley into huge party of home grown entertainment, athletics, games, food, music and fun.
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This Weekend In South Seattle: Rainier Valley Heritage Parade, Othello International Arts Festival, and Columbia City Blues Festival

Events this weekend in the South Seattle area

Friday, August 14th

Movies: Opening Day of Straight Outta ComptonDetails:  In the mid-1980s, the streets of Compton, California, were some of the most dangerous in the country. When five young men translated their experiences growing up into brutally honest music that rebelled against abusive authority, they gave an explosive voice to a silenced generation. Following the meteoric rise and fall of N.W.A., this documentary tells the astonishing story of how these young men revolutionized music and pop culture forever the moment they told the world the truth about life in the hood and ignited a cultural war. Time:4:40pm, 5:40pm,8:00, 9:00pm-Where: 4816 Rainier Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98118. More Info:  http://www.arklodgecinemas.com Continue reading This Weekend In South Seattle: Rainier Valley Heritage Parade, Othello International Arts Festival, and Columbia City Blues Festival

Our Guide to The Seattle Summer Streets Party and Rainier Valley Heritage Parade

South Seattle’s streets will be sizzling this weekend, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the blistering summer temperatures as this Saturday kicks off the joint celebration of the 6th Annual Seattle Summer Streets Party and 22nd annual Rainier Valley Heritage Parade.

Rainier Avenue South will be closed starting at 10:00am tomorrow as festivities commence at noon on the avenue -from S Alaska to S Brandon St- with a parade that features as wide an array of entrants as you would expect to be unearthed from South Seattle’s overflowing chalice of diversity – which include dancers, marching bands, elaborately costumed entertainers, and one of a kind floats that must be seen to be believed.

Immediately after the parade’s conclusion, event goers will be treated to the Summer Streets party that will commandeer more than 5 blocks of Rainier Avenue, and which promises to be the biggest extravaganza that South Seattle residents have been privy to. To quote event organizer Susan Davis: “Over the last five years the parade and street party have grown exponentially! We keep raising the bar year after year and exceeding expectations!”

Featuring a beer garden, contestants vying for the crown of Rainier Valley’s Best BBQ, young and old alike disregarding all practical dieting advice so they can stuff their stomachs with whole pies in the span of a few minutes, and a DJ booth spinning tunes throughout the day to keep everyone energized,  the event is expected to attract over 5000 parade goers this year, including Seattle Mayor Ed Murray. With all eyes in the 206 area code (that aren’t blood shoot from a center other festival going on this weekend) gazing on the south end this weekend, we provide you with a guide to the celebrations various activities.

Parade: The theme for this year’s parade is Heritage and will feature participants with pageantry and costumes that harken back to the Rainier Valley’s storied history. Judges will keep a watchful eye as they vote for the entrants who best captures the area’s deep seated roots. Between: 12:00pm – 1:30pm

Re-Imagining Your Streets Activities: With the obvious attention that has been given to public safety concerns in recent weeks, there will be several events that attendees can participate in throughout the Street Party that will provide an opportunity for south end residents to envision what they would ideally love to see the community become one day soon.

Bicycling & B!kecitement Street: Rainier Avenue will get a temporary makeover as pop-up bike lanes will be stretched along the avenue allowing bicycle enthusiasts a period of nirvana as they get to glimpse what a cycle friendly road just might some day look like.

Beer Garden: There is a designated swath of land called the “garden”. There is beer there. The latter is served at the former all day long. There are no more words that need be written. (Well okay, here’s the location: Behind the Royal Room and Royal Esquire Club just off Hudson Street.)

BBQ Contest: Everyone who has ever muttered that Texas has the best barbecue has done so only because they have never once ventured into South Seattle. With barbeque in this area ranking somewhere between coffee and religion, amateurs will compete against each other in a no-holds, bare knuckled, sauce-bath contest for the taste buds of south end residents. When this is over, only one hickory splattered contestant will be able to lay claim to having the best BBQ in the Rainier Valley.

Art in the Alley: Absolutely no event is complete without some sense of refinement, and this one is no exception as the Columbia City Gallery exposes works of local area artisans to the masses in the alley ways of Rainier Avenue. Event goers will be treated to original artistic productions and will be able to return home feeling like a member of high society. Warning: The Gallery takes no responsibility for those who begin wearing a monocle after the event is over.

Pie Eating Contest: Diets were made to be broken, and what better place to lose count of calories than at a pie eating contest. Open to anyone who attends, this contest dares you not to woof down as much insulin spiking, crusted cake as possible during a given time span. Only those free of cavities and who happen to have a stomach that won’t quit need apply!

Chess Tables: As we’re apparently still searching for Bobby Fisher, there will be plenty of chess tables placed throughout Rainier Avenue, so that anyone looking to become the next grand master can try their hand at high stakes chess. No one leaves the table until the King falls! Location: Between Ferdinand and Hudson. Note: There will be instructors stationed at each table to teach newbies how to play.

After Party Festivities: Because the party isn’t over, until it’s over!!!

Blues Fest: Actually kicking off a day before the party officially gets underway, the Columbia City Blues Festival welcomes an assortment of local and national talent who will be channeling the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Hank Williams and Jimmie Rogers. A delight for area audiophiles. Runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night at The Royal Room.

Cinema Under the Stars: The day finishes up with a movie that has countless stars attached to it (not the botox infused ones, but the actual balls of flaming gas kind). Columbia Park will undergo a metamorphosis into an open air movie theater for one night as it presents a viewing of the Fantastic Mr. Fox. The movie will begin at 7:00pm.