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Garfield Football Players Will Kneel During National Anthem to Protest Racial Oppression

by Marcus Harrison Green

They’re not followers.  They’re leaders.

That’s the story Garfield High School Football players wish to have told after their planned action tonight just prior to their league opener against West Seattle High. Continue reading Garfield Football Players Will Kneel During National Anthem to Protest Racial Oppression

Seahawks’ Super Bowl Prediction

by Clint Elsemore

If you’re like me,  you never gave up hope  the Seahawks could come back against the Packers two weeks ago, but at one point your belief  they would somehow pull out the victory started to look colossally unrealistic.  The offenses’ ability to go from zero to one hundred during the span of the game’s last few minutes and overtime was stunning. Coupled with an onside recovery and some stiff run defense the improbable comeback became reality. Continue reading Seahawks’ Super Bowl Prediction

Seahawks’ Game Day Prediction

by Clint Elsemore

Fresh off a taxing win against the Panthers the Seahawks now take on a familiar foe in the Green Bay Packers.  The diversity of the running game with Carolina between their option game, Newton’s ability to run, and their three headed attack at running back proved to be challenging for the Hawks last week, but the pass defense stiffened producing two picks – including Chancellor’s pick six game sealer in the fourth quarter. Continue reading Seahawks’ Game Day Prediction

Seahawks’ Game Day Prediction

by Antonio Foster

Image courtesy of Seahawks.com

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Today is Turkey Day which means generous servings of gravy, stuffing and the NFL. In the final of today’s 3 nationally televised games, the Seattle Seahawks will take on their much despised NFC West rivals, the San Francisco 49ers. This game is of utmost importance to both teams as each finds themselves tied for second place in the division behind the 9-2 Cardinals. With the Seahawks defense returning to Super Bowl form last week, the defending champs are back to playing with the same fire that propelled them to the best record in the league last season. While the Hawks are coming off their best win of the season, the 49ers have struggled in their past two games, barely squeaking by the lower rungs of the NFL. It will prove to be a Happy Thanksgiving- if you’re a Seahawks fan anyway- as they will win this one going away.
Final Game Prediction:  Seahawks 31    49ers 10