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Seattle Promise Is Building Educational Equity

by Shouan Pan, Dr. Brent Jones, and Ana MariCauce

In the midst of a global pandemic, the Seattle Promise program, which guarantees two years tuition-free at Seattle Colleges, is thriving. This fall, more than 1,100 students are enrolled in Seattle Promise, working toward a degree or certificate they might otherwise not be able to afford. 

Nationally, during the pandemic, nearly all community colleges saw enrollment drop. But at Seattle Colleges, the nationally recognized Seattle Promise program actually grew post-secondary enrollment because of our partnerships and targeted student services. 

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Seattle Colleges Professors Say a Faulty Software System Is Driving Down Enrollment

by Ben Adlin

New student enrollment and registration software has been causing a range of problems for students, faculty, and staff at Seattle Colleges, and they say school administrators and State officials have been unresponsive to their repeated requests to make fixes. 

The transition to the new software platform, ctcLink, has caused headaches for students trying to register, in some cases making it difficult to search for required courses or wrongly telling students they haven’t completed a class’s prerequisites. The platform has also prevented faculty from making quick corrections to course descriptions and meeting times, creating even more confusion for students. There have even been occasions when students were mistakenly dropped from courses for nonpayment, though they had, in fact, paid.

Critics claim the problems have contributed to significant declines in enrollment at Seattle Colleges — which include South Seattle, North Seattle, and Seattle Central colleges — since ctcLink’s launch there in February. They say the lower enrollment has led to course cancellations and has cost faculty members their jobs.

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