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In Photos: Seattle Farm celebrates 100 years

by Carolyn Bick

Gloria Sferra remembers when her late husband “went completely insane,” because a young woman decided to board her horse in the couple’s farmstead basement, right after Sferra’s husband had finished remodeling the space.

Then, there was the time a fox decided to bring his entire family to live on the farm. The canine family soon became used to the presence of people –– so much so that they eventually became almost tame.

“One night, I stayed in my barn, and I almost had a stroke, because here comes my kitty … and here are the foxes, and I’m thinking, ‘Oh, my God, my cat is going to get eaten in front of me, before my very eyes,’” Sferra recalled. “And the fox just totally ignored him –– he wandered into the barn and cuddled up with me.”

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