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The Teacher Strike and the Cycle of Poverty

by Hanna Brooks Olsen (Featured Image courtesy of Michael “Renaissance” Moynihan)

If you know one thing about the teacher strike, it’s probably that the teachers are bargaining for higher wages, which is true.

Seattle Public Schools teachers haven’t had a cost of living adjustment in six years — and in that time, rents in Seattle have gone up about 40% in some places, meaning our educators are actively making less money than they were a few years ago, to do the same important job. Continue reading The Teacher Strike and the Cycle of Poverty

Back to School? Not so Fast

by Robin Boland

As you may have heard the Seattle Education Association (SEA) voted unanimously on Thursday to strike if no agreement has been reached with the Seattle Public Schools district by the scheduled start of school on Wednesday, September 9th (their current contract expires Tuesday). The absolute silence when educators were asked for votes accepting the contract was deafening. SEA is made up of approximately 5,000 school employees responsible for the education of 52,000 students (already the math is making my head spin) and their collective voice said “Strike” loud and clear last week. Continue reading Back to School? Not so Fast