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Eating Well in Crisis, Part 2

by Sharon Maeda

Medical experts and nutritionists alike emphasize that eating the right foods is essential to staying healthy during this pandemic: more fruits and vegetables, fewer fried foods. You know the drill. This is especially true for anyone with underlying health issues, and medications that suppress or compromise our immune systems, including asthma, diabetes, heart conditions, HIV/AIDS, obesity and smoking — as well as people over 65. How many seniors do we know that have at least one of the above conditions?

Food deserts and poverty, not to mention lack of will power, often keep us from eating healthy. So, in this week’s list of community restaurants open for take-out and/or delivery, I’m going to emphasize healthy eating. Every menu has some healthy options that are still delicious ways to support community businesses and get out of making dinner at the end of another tough week.

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