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Community Voice Left Out of SPD Monitor’s Proposal

by Tammy Morales

On August 1, the federal monitor overseeing reforms at the Seattle Police Department (SPD) recommended several legislative changes to U.S. District Judge James Robart. The changes included some, but not all of the reforms proposed in a legislative package that has been stalled for more than 2 years. Merrick Bobb, the monitor, has stopped efforts to advance reforms through city council, arguing that city officials have no legislative authority to propose changes without the judge’s approval. Yet the monitor himself, an unelected third party with no authority to propose legislation, has done just that.  Judge Robart is set to announce a decision on the matter on August 15. Continue reading Community Voice Left Out of SPD Monitor’s Proposal

Police Apprehend Two Suspects Allegedly Involved in Drive By Shooting

Moments ago Seattle Police and King County Sheriff’s Officers apprehended two suspects in the Rainier View neighborhood who earlier in the day had led them on a high speed chase.

The two suspects- who were allegedly involved in a drive by shooting yesterday in the Rainier Beach area- chose to abandon their black Chevy Tahoe in the middle of Luther Avenue South. They then attempted to hide out in the area rather than continue their getaway by truck.

“At first I just thought they were friends of my boyfriend, but then I saw them just leave their truck in the middle of the street and start running. Then literally about five seconds later all these police cars showed up and surrounded it.” Said Laquisha Frank who was visiting her boyfriend in the neighborhood at the time and was an eyewitness to the suspects ditching their car.

“I was scared that something bad was going to happen. When I saw the police get out of their cars with their rifles I was like I’m staying in my boyfriends house and locking the door!”Frank continued.

After a 90 minute search that included the usage of several police dogs, officers apprehended the at a 3 way traffic stop on Beacon Avenue South




are searching for two suspects of African descent who earlier today abandoned their black Chevy Tahoe in the middle of Luther Avenue in the Rainier View area.

It is believed that both suspects are hiding in the surrounding neighborhoods of Campbell Hill,