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PHOTOS: Thanksgiving 2018 in the South End

Story and photos by Susan Fried

Cortez Charles has fond memories of playing football on Thanksgiving with his family. Four years ago he decided he wanted to revive the tradition. But instead of just playing football, Charles wanted to turn Thanksgiving and the days leading up to it into a chance for young people to give back to the community. For the fourth consecutive year, Turkey Bowl engaged youth in the community by preparing sandwiches for homeless people and providing families in need with food for the holiday.

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OPINION: Fascism, A Thanksgiving Tradition

by Bypolar

The theme of this year’s “Thanksgiving” is fascism, as many sit around their warmly lit dining room tables. Slicing into steaming turkey, enjoying the company of friends and family, and engaging with or escaping the reality of the fascist ideologies consuming the present narrative. Hiding from or facing the reality of  this ideological plague that’s spreading through this land — no, this world. Most dwelling on President Donald Trump’s apparent links to white nationalists and letting the conversation stop there if, if it even happens at all.

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