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A Haunted Guide to Halloween 2023 in the South End

by Jas Keimig

Last Updated on October 27, 2023, 3:26 pm.


Did I scare ya? It’s that time of year when every glimpse of the moon, every branch scratching against a window, and every bump in the night takes on an unnerving implication. Halloween is bearing down on us and there’s no shortage of ghostly celebrations going down in the South End. 

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The Royal Room Announces Grand Reopening September 15

by Elizabeth Turnbull

After 18 months of closure, the South Hudson Music Project announced the reopening of the live music venue, The Royal Room, this Wednesday, Sept. 15. The reopening signals a reawakening of musical and artistic life in the South Seattle Area.

The Royal Room’s first event “Piano Starts Here” will showcase the work of great pianists, including Duke Ellington, Carla Bley, Cole Porter, Earl Hines, and others, all played by local Seattle-based pianists and improvisers. Local composer and performer Alex Guilbert is the host of the series. Tickets must be purchased prior to the event as they will not be sold in-person.

Events will continue through the weekend. On Thursday, Sept. 16, local jazz vocalist Elnah Jordan will perform. Jordan is an accomplished singer with a singing repertoire including gospel, jazz, blues, and R&B. 

On Friday, Sept. 17, people who want to welcome back live music on the dance floor will get not one but two opportunities to attend “The Royal Room Grand Reopening Dance Party.” Tickets will be available for both an early show at 6:30 p.m. or the late show at 9:30 p.m. Local musicians will be covering classic artists such as Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Lake Street Dive, Amy Winehouse, and The Staple Singers. 

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Live Music Returns to South End Venues

by Mark Van Streefkerk

Last spring, restaurants and bars braced themselves against a flurry of rapidly escalating news about the COVID-19 virus that led to a statewide lockdown mid-March. In the midst of so many unknowns, one unfortunate fact was certain: Live music venues were among the first to close. In the months since, it became clear that if they survived, the same venues would be the last to reopen. Now that the state has lifted pandemic restrictions, live music, performance, comedy shows, and even dance parties are returning to South End venues. Here’s what the return of live entertainment will look like for Rumba Notes Lounge, Clock-Out Lounge, and The Royal Room. 

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NEWS GLEAMS: South King County Vaccine Pop-Ups, Composting Classes, & More!

curated by Emerald Staff

A round-up of news and announcements we don’t want to get lost in the fast-churning news cycle! 

South King County COVID-19 Vaccine Pop-Up Schedule

If you haven’t yet been vaccinated for COVID-19, you can receive it free by contacting your doctor, or by visiting one of several south King County pop-up clinics run by Public Health – Seattle & King County:

Friday, July 9, 1:00–5:30 p.m.
Lutheran Community Services NW – Refugee, 12608 SE 240th St., Kent, (in partnership with Lutheran Community Services and Masjid Al-Quba)
Vaccine Offered: Pfizer

Monday, July 12, 11:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.
Multi-Service Center, 1200 S 336th St., Federal Way, (in partnership with Multi-Service Center / Medical Teams International)
Vaccine Offered: Moderna

Wednesday, July 14, 10 a.m.–2 p.m.
Multi-Service Center, UW Valley Medical Center, 515 W Harrison St. Kent.
Vaccine offered: Pfizer

For more information on getting a COVID-19 vaccine in King County visit, https://kingcounty.gov/depts/health/covid-19/vaccine/schedule.aspx or call 206-477-3977.

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Local Folk-Rock Singer Julia Francis Raises Money For BLM

by Gus Marshall

Modern day folk-rock singer and songwriter Julia Francis has a distinct voice and an uncanny command of her singing skills. Generally her vocal style explodes with energy, and is often accented by sustained, quivering vibrato. The sheer force of her voice is quite remarkable, but Francis’ true power comes from her ability to engage and uplift. 

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The Royal Room Staycation Festival Brings Live, Local Music To Your Home

by Mark Van Streefkerk

Columbia City’s live music venue The Royal Room remains closed for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19, but you can still get your fix of live music through their Staycation online festival. Every Sunday and Wednesday at 7:30 p.m., The Royal Room will host live sets and curated recorded performances, all amplifying South Seattle musicians. Seeing music in-person might still be out of the question for a while, but for now, livestream will have to do. Continue reading The Royal Room Staycation Festival Brings Live, Local Music To Your Home

Small Businesses Fight to Survive Amid COVID-19 Chaos

by Jessie McKenna

Gov. Jay Inslee announced on Sunday an emergency proclamation ordering closure of many businesses across the state ranging from bars and restaurants to gyms and recreational venues through at least March 31. A similar order was issued by King County Executive Dow Constantine in accordance with the statewide mandate. Continue reading Small Businesses Fight to Survive Amid COVID-19 Chaos

Q&A: Shaina Shepherd Organizes Nina Simone Tribute Show

by Jacob Uitti

Seattle’s Shaina Shepherd has a voice that shatters walls. Its power, dynamics, and fortitude put the Big Bad Wolf to shame. But in the last year or two, Shepherd has learned her skill resides in more than just her pipes.

She’s recently stepped into the role of artistic organizer and South End creative beacon. And her latest project is a tribute show at April 20 at the Royal Room dedicated to the late, great Nina Simone.

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Kate Olson on Seattle’s Jazz Scene

by Gus Marshall

On a cold still night in Columbia City, two of Seattle’s premier jazz combos displayed their grasp of contemporary elegance to a fortunate group of perceptive spectators.

Soprano sax sensation Kate Olson and her K.O. Ensemble assumed the bandstand of The Royal Room first. They began to engage the audience immediately with Olson’s light and coherent original compositions “Pear Shaped” and “To The Left.” Olson’s straightforward swinging arrangements provided a solid platform for her clear and articulate delivery.

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Tonight’s Found Fest to Celebrate Happy Reunions, Live Music, Community

By Marcus Harrison Green

“Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.” Those words were written by novelist Dean Koontz, but they were lived by Amy Nova after here dog Booker was abducted from Columbia City’s Royal Room on the evening of October 14th.

Booker is back at after a public, heart-wrenching search and in appreciation for community support to bring Booker home, Novo is producing a free, all-ages concert, pet food drive for the Rainier Valley Food Bank and fundraiser for the Rainier Valley Food Bank on Tuesday, November 10th at The Royal Room.

Nova is there every Tuesday night to watch her boyfriend Delvon’s soul jazz band perform. But that night, she says, she took her eyes off Booker for just a moment. When she turned back around he had vanished.

The next few days were sleepless ones as Nova embarked a one-woman “dog-hunt.”

“For four days I was up every morning on social media blasting out messages about him and seeing if anyone found him. I did not actually sleep because I was on a mission to try and find him,” she says.

In addition to her social media campaign, and plastering pictures of Booker on every shop window, lamppost and tree in and around Columbia City, Novo, who lives in Northeast Tacoma, combated early morning traffic for four days straight to motor down to the area in search of Booker, who is a Chihuahua and Terrier mix.

The South End community began to take up her cause as many shared her social media post about Booker on their Facebook and Nextdoor groups. Several also provided her with tips, one led to her thinking she had found Booker, only to be disappointed to find out it wasn’t him.

She says she became extremely worried by the fourth day of his disappearance, as most animal shelters only keep strays for a maximum of three days before putting them up for adoption.

This spurred her to stand out in front of the Royal Room with photos of Booker asking anyone who walked by if they had seen him.

It was then that several community members told her they were ninety-nine percent sure Booker was being held at the Seattle Animal Shelter.

Nova and her boyfriend rushed there, and upon seeing Booker immediately broke down in tears.

“He’s so spoiled, but he’s always been spoiled,” she says from The Royal Room, with a silent Booker sitting by her side in his miniature rain jacket. “We bought him a Rotisserie Chicken breast the day he came back and let him sprawl out in the middle of our bed while we fell off the sides.”

Nova says that Booker is still adjusting to life back home, as this latest episode had been one in a long line of traumatic incidents for her dog. She originally got him last August from a shelter in California where he was days away from being put to sleep.

Booker, whom she and her boyfriend named after both Booker T of the soul group the MGs, and jazz trumpeter Booker Little, has served as a needed companion at times, as he has been a loving presence while she’s battled medical issues during the last year.

For most people a social media post exclaiming “Thank you, we’ve found Booker!” would be enough of a show of gratitude to the South End community that helped save her dog. But this was not enough gratitude for Novo, who says when she gets an idea in her head she attacks it at 250 miles an hour.

This Tuesday everything comes full circle, as she’ll be throwing “Found Fest” at the Royal Room. The event will feature three different bands including Booker’s dad’s band, the Delvon Lamarr Trio, and will serve as a pet food drive for the Rainier Valley Food Bank and fundraiser for the Seattle Animal Shelter. Though it’s free, attendees are encouraged to bring pet food to donate to the animals of low income families.

“If it wasn’t for the community helping me throughout this whole thing, there’s a good chance that he would be gone. So I chose to do a community party and at the same time have live music and bands, and this venue is the most amazing in the area,” she says.

While she wants the entire community to come and have a great time, she’ll be especially pleased by the sight of one particular individual grooving to the music. She said, “Booker will be sitting on his little Seahawks blanket and pillow, and relaxing as he always does.”

Found Fest starts at 7pm Tuesday night at the Royal Room in Columbia City (5000 Rainier Ave S). Event free, suggested donation of pet food for Rainier Valley Food Bank. All ages from 7-10pm.