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Somali Family Safety Task Force Teaches Somali Through Storybooks

by Amanda Ong

For the past seven years, the Somali Family Safety Task Force, which is based out of New Holly, where a significant portion of the Somali community lives, has been providing Somali and other East African families with resources around career, education, and personal development. What many people don’t know is that the Task Force is just as invested in preserving connections to Somali language and culture. Since 2017, they have published eight books aimed at Somali American families to practice reading and writing in Somali. The latest five Somali/English bilingual children’s storybooks, which had their book launch in January, were created by the Task Force with the support of Best Starts for Kids.

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Luis Alberto Urrea, My Hometown, and Me

by Donna Miscolta

Editors’ Note: The House of Broken Angels by Mexican American author Luis Alberto Urrea is this year’s selection by Seattle Reads, a citywide book group by The Seattle Public Library. Urrea will be in Seattle Oct. 19–20 to participate in a series of Seattle Reads discussions. Register for these events — including an author discussion in Spanish at El Centro de la Raza — at the official Seattle Reads website. Copies of the book are available in English and Spanish at the library.

A composite of photos side by side show a portrait of Luis Alberto Urrea and a copy of his book "The House of Broken Angels"
Luis Alberto Urrea writes from the heart about a Mexican American family in “The House of Broken Angels.” (Photos courtesy of The Seattle Public Library)
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How to Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day in the South End

by Amanda Ong

Indigenous Peoples’ Day is this Monday, Oct. 10, a day to recognize the Indigenous peoples on whose land Seattle was built, and to come together and celebrate them and their cultures. 

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