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Seattle Jazz Fellowship’s Spring Fellowship Wednesday Series Begins Today

by Amanda Ong

The Emerald community has been creating ripples with its creativity and genius for 8 magnificent years! Those ripples are felt far beyond South Seattle — community, after all, is not a place but its people. And home can be a place, people, or both. The energy our people generate at home and beyond ignites sparks that prove perennially that even the tiniest of sparks illuminates dark places in all directions and can guide us to wherever we need to go.

Please help us continue to serve our community by becoming a recurring donor during our 8th anniversary campaign, Ripples & Sparks at Home, April 20–28. Become a Rainmaker today by choosing the “recurring donor” option on our donation page! 

—The Emerald Team

This Wednesday, April 20, the Seattle Jazz Fellowship’s Fellowship Wednesdays begin again at the Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar in Capitol Hill. Fellowship Wednesday ran last year from mid-October of 2021 to February 2022, and is returning with a new format. Fellowship Wednesday will now run in six-week seasons — summer, spring, fall, and winter. The April 20 show marks the beginning of the spring season.

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Kate Olson on Seattle’s Jazz Scene

by Gus Marshall

On a cold still night in Columbia City, two of Seattle’s premier jazz combos displayed their grasp of contemporary elegance to a fortunate group of perceptive spectators.

Soprano sax sensation Kate Olson and her K.O. Ensemble assumed the bandstand of The Royal Room first. They began to engage the audience immediately with Olson’s light and coherent original compositions “Pear Shaped” and “To The Left.” Olson’s straightforward swinging arrangements provided a solid platform for her clear and articulate delivery.

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