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The Morning Update Show — 10/29/20

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Morning Update Show — Thursday, Oct. 29

Today on the Morning Update Show:

#TBT With Vanishing Seattle; **Live — Cynthia Brothers & Martin Tran; **Live — Besa Gordon (The Rewind With Besa); Cannabis Equity in Seattle; and Debrena Jackson Gandy & Curtiss Calhoun.

Seattle Isn’t Dead But it Is Vanishing: A Conversation With Vanishing Seattle Filmmakers

by Beverly Aarons

Rat City Records & Relics — gone. Cow Chip Cookies — gone. The famous downtown Elephant Car Wash — also gone. If you just arrived in the Emerald City, you can be forgiven for not noticing that Seattle’s cultural and business landscape has been … terraformed. Yes, I know the old saying: “The only constant in life is change.” But what happens to a city when the places where people gather, connect, and build community disappear? What happens to a city’s soul when locally owned and quirky is replaced by corporate-owned and … well, boring? Since 2018, Vanishing Seattle filmmakers Cynthia Brothers and Martin Tran have been documenting Seattle’s rapid transformation in a six-film series, so they’re intimately acquainted with the city’s metamorphosis. I had the opportunity to speak with them about how the city has changed, why they’re documenting disappearing places, and how they’ve been personally impacted by it all. 

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