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The Radical Generosity of GivingTuesday

by Patheresa Wells

Have you ever been in line for coffee and when you pull up to the window to pay, you find that a stranger paid? It’s such a simple act of kindness, yet that is where the joy comes from, how easy it is to give. GivingTuesday, held on Nov. 30 this year, centers on this idea of “radical generosity” — defined by the GivingTuesday organization as “[t]he concept that the suffering of others should be as intolerable to us as our own suffering.” 

The idea for the day was created at the 92nd Street Y and its Belfer Center for Innovation & Social Impact in New York City in 2012. Despite its humble beginnings, the day has grown into a collaborative global initiative involving millions of people who give each year. GivingTuesday is now its own nonprofit that rallies us to share in the spirit of giving routinely. According to The GivingTuesday, 2020 Impact Report, last year nearly 16 million Americans donated a total of $503 million. Worldwide, the donations went to over 75 countries. And the money isn’t all big gifts, donations from small donors increased by 10% in 2020

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Football, Fun, and Helping Those in Need Highlight Turkey Bowl Week of Service

by M. Anthony Davis

This week is the seventh annual Turkey Bowl Week of Service, and Cortez Charles is back with his team of youth volunteers to build on this prominent Rainier Beach tradition. The Turkey Bowl is an annual, youth-led flag-football game and service event. The football game was cancelled last year due to COVID-19 so the event pivoted toward three days of community service, and local youth helped package and distribute nearly 1,000 hygiene kits and turkey-sandwich lunches to community members in need.

“The original Turkey Bowl Week is back and in full effect,” Charles says about this year’s event, which will be held Nov. 21–25 between Rainier Beach Community Center and Rainier Beach High School. On Nov. 24, in addition to the annual youth flag-football game, there will be a community dinner hosted by food trucks. 

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Shape Our Water: Magdalena ‘Maggie’ Angel-Cano

by Ben Adlin

Shape Our Water is a community-centered project from Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) and KVRU 105.7 FM, a hyperlocal low power FM station in South Seattle, to plan the next 50 years of Seattle’s drainage and wastewater systems. Funded by SPU, the project spotlights members of local community-based organizations and asks them to share how water shapes their lives. Our latest conversation is with Maggie Angel-Cano, community engagement and communications specialist for the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition. 

Growing up in South Park, Maggie Angel-Cano spent years without realizing Seattle’s only river ran through her neighborhood. 

“We had no idea there was a river in the community,” she said. “We just, you know, lived our daily life: work, school, back home.”

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How a Facebook Group Supporting Seattle’s Chinatown Became a COVID-19 Community Movement

by Sharon H. Chang

It was back in February — what now seems a lifetime ago — when Bill Tashima first heard people were avoiding Seattle’s Chinatown-International District (ID) because of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China. It was still winter, COVID-19 was not yet a pandemic, and only one known U.S. case existed in nearby Snohomish County (in a man who had visited Wuhan). But because Seattle’s Chinatown, a historically Asian immigrant community, was being perceived as directly connected to China where the outbreak began in December, businesses in the ID had been experiencing decline as early as January. Restaurants were getting hit especially hard. 

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