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OPINION: Yes, Your Vote Matters

by Gordon McHenry

In a couple of weeks, Washington State will mail out ballots for one of the most critical elections of our lifetimes. While every election is important, this upcoming contest has the potential to alter the course of our nation for generations, so every vote will count. 

In the last presidential election, almost 77% of eligible, voting-age Washingtonians registered to vote — the highest percentage since 1984. However, turnout was only 65%. In King County, turnout declined by nearly 3% compared to 2012. Statewide, it went down by a similar amount.

While 65% turnout is high relative to other states, that leaves room for improvement. 

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OPINION: The Next 100 Years of Suffragist Activism

by Sharon Maeda

One hundred years after women in the United States won the right to vote, now is not the time to sit back on the laurels of our foremothers. Today, the rights of all voters — the bedrock of a democratic society — are still at stake. 

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