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Does This Poem Bring You Joy? A Conversation With Arianne True

by Beverly Aarons

Does this poem bring you joy? Does it move through and speak to your body? Does it make you think and feel something deeply? Arianne True, a Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations poet and experiential educator, has important questions for all poets, both young and old, but especially for the middle-school students at Hugo House’s Scribes summer writing camp. How can the experience of poetry shape how you see yourself and history?

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by Kayla Blau

There is nothing powerful about trespassing for 400-odd years

But here we are,

Writing words on mistreated trees and calling them true

Tagging broad stripes and bright stars on purloined fabric

Directing lives, fancying ourselves unsung heroes,

Victorious sinners,

Bruised egos and bellies full of shame.

There is nothing brave here.

Include in us our pasts –

Which of course, include your pasts too,

All of them lined up like precarious dominoes

Leading you right here,

Leading me right here,

Leading us to believe whatever truths we can stomach

To absolve ourselves of the truest truth –

“Es completamente injusto,”

The mother told me.

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Brown Girls Write Prioritizes Self-Care and Safety

by Georgia S. McDade

Brown Girls Write (BGW) founder Christy Abram has a mammoth task: helping women of color heal through self-expression.

Abram places great emphasis on self-care and safety. Because the women with whom she works women have often been ignored by mainstream health professionals or do not have access to healthcare, Abram encourages and teaches them to take care of themselves. Though many of their problems began in childhood — abandonment, homelessness, illness, incarceration, and abuse — some of these women continue to suffer as adults because of the ongoing impact of the past and their present circumstances. Abram is convinced writing is a cure or, at least, a beginning to becoming well.

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