Photo depicting a close-up of a Black-presenting woman's hand writing on paper.

Voices Submission Guidelines

The purpose of Voices is to give individuals and organizations the opportunity to share their points of view with our South Seattle communities on important, timely topics. 

We are particularly interested in submissions from local writers, especially South End writers from underrepresented and marginalized groups. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are highly encouraged to submit!

We receive many submissions on the same topics. Here are the things we consider when deciding what to publish:

  • Is there a reason the issue being addressed needs to be dealt with now?
  • Has the writer presented a point of view different from those already presented in the Emerald or other local publications?
  •  Is the writer presenting new information or fresh insight:
    • Is there something about the writer’s life experience that gives their point of view special credibility? 
    • Does the writer have specialized expertise the community needs to understand?
  • Is the piece well-written:
    • Are the ideas presented clearly?
    • Does the author give information to support their idea(s)?
    • Is the writing accessible to most readers (i.e., not jargon-filled or using complicated, technical language without explanation)?
  • Does the writer have any conflicts of interest that need to be disclosed (e.g., potential grant or contract beneficiary, family stockholder, etc.)?

All Voices submissions must be in essay form and, if accepted by the Emerald, will be reviewed by a developmental editor who will work with the author to prepare the piece for publication. 

Either send a completed draft of your Voices submission as an attachment or link to or complete the Emerald Voices Submission Form providing general information about the article you would like to write.

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